Hello Everyone! Here’s what’s changed this week:

  • The calendar now supports drag-and-drop schedule changes on touch devices (iOS/Android)! Previously, drag and drop was only available from desktop browsers. Tap and hold (1 second) to drag-and-drop
  • No more tears! The student details page (and a few others) now warns you if you have unsaved changes before you leave the page.
  • We’ve updated the various webpage editors throughout My School Books so that there’s an explicit “HTML View” option below the editor. This makes it easier to embed Twitter, Facebook and other social feeds.
  • It’s now possible to convert a non-recurring charge/discount to a recurring one.
  • We’ve tweaked the way the events are loaded into the calendar to reduce load times (hopefully loading your calendar just a bit quicker).
  • We fixed an issue with the Payroll report which would prevent the page-break feature from working correctly if the summary of deductions was turned off.
  • When you create invoices, the “Preferred Recipient” address is now used even if no email addresses are provided for parents (prior to this change the first parent would be used if there was no email addresses for anyone).


Did you know?  Recurring charges and discounts are now available. This feature is perfect if you’re charging a manual fee for a monthly instrument rental, or providing a recurring sibling discount.

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at