Hi Everyone! We’ve made some great improvements to family contacts that we know you’ll love!

  • We’ve added the ability to have more than 2 parents per family. Now you can add as many parents/contacts as the modern family requires.
  • The “Families & Accounts” page no longer lists “Primary” and “Secondary” family contacts; these have been merged into a single field (that will show all the parent contact info for as many parents as that family has).
  • On touch devices, the calendar popup menu will no longer ‘click’ one of the menu items if the popup menu appears under your click area (this affected devices with smaller screens).
  • There’s a new setting under “School Settings -> Messaging” that allows your Lesson Notes to be sent from the school email address (rather than the teacher’s).
  • We’ve enhanced the notes provided in the email that is sent to the teacher when a lesson is cancelled by the student through the Student Portal.
  • The payments listed on the “Recent Payments” tab of the Families & Invoices page can now be sorted.

Student Portal Changes:

  • There are two new options for the Student Portal available under “School Settings -> General“. They are:
    • Initial Page – This option allows you to change the default page when students first log in from the Calendar to the School News page.
    • Initial Calendar View – This option allows you to change the preferred calendar mode for your students from Monthly to Week or Day view.
  • Student Names are now displayed directly on the calendar. For families with multiple students this should make it easier to read the calendar.
  • No more “I didn’t knows”: When cancelling a lesson with less notice that required by your cancellation policy, there’s a new checkbox the student/parent must check off acknowledging the time before the lesson can be cancelled.
  • For schools that teach lessons in multiple timezones: When students join a series of lessons online, the popup window now displays the lesson times in the student’s timezone.


Did you know? The calendar now displays a notification when the filter is active (so you can more easily tell when you’re viewing a filtered version of your calendar).

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at