Hi Everyone,

Here’s what’s new and improved this week:

  • The pop-up on the Student Portal calendar now places itself dynamically, so if you leave long lesson notes the student can scroll down to read them all.
  • We’ve added a BlackBerry shortcut to the calendar “Sync” button.
  • We’ve updated the Student Portal calendar and the synced calendar feeds to remove brackets from event descriptions when they aren’t required.
  • We’ve added the ability to download the student attendance history as a PDF. Students can also access this feature so they can print past lesson notes, or print a listing of their upcoming schedules.

Additionally, multi-teacher schools will notice the following changes:

  • Added the ability to filter the Student list page by Teacher.
  • You can now update the student default lesson prices in bulk using the “Assign Teachers” option from the “Tools” drop down list.

Have a great week!

– The My School Books Team

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