My School Books Weekly Update, August 31, 2015

Hi Everyone,

This week’s update consists of a number of smaller changes and improvements to the site.

Here’s what’s new and improved this week:

  • We’ve added an option to “My Preferences” that allows you to copy last week’s attendance notes to the current lesson automatically. (A “*” is automatically added to the note tabs when this happens, so you can tell where this note came from.)
  • We’ve added “Student Names” as an optional column on the Invoices tab of the “Families & Invoices” page.
  • If students (or parents) reply “STOP” to an SMS/Text lesson reminder, we’ll automatically disable SMS reminders in their profile. (To resume SMS reminders, your students must reply “UNSTOP” and turn SMS reminders back on in their profile.)
  • We updated the SMS template editor so that if you insert a placeholder (e.g. %StudentFirstName%) from the placeholder drop down, it gets inserted at your cursor (instead of at the end of the message).
  • We tweaked the invoice layouts slightly to eliminate a blank last page that would sometimes happen.
  • We updated the sign-up widget so that if you had a multi-teacher student, but switched back to a single teacher, you are automatically assigned as the teacher to that new student.
  • SMS Reminders are now sent using Unicode, so they should display correctly no matter what language you use.
  • If you move a lesson or event on the calendar, the SMS reminder will be resent with the new lesson time.
  • For multi-teacher schools, we’ve added “Phone Number” to the list of optional columns on the Teachers & Administrators page.

Note: Our office will be closed next Monday for Labour Day, so there will be no regularly scheduled update next Monday.

Have a great week!

– The My School Books Team

Did you know? You can take attendance for a whole day without having to select each individual lesson/event. Read the full Faq here.