Hello Everyone,

This week we’re excited to introduce a highly requested feature: Automatic Invoicing. Now your staff can work a little bit harder for you by automatically sending out invoices on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

This feature can be enabled from the “Families & Invoices” pages and you can turn it on for all your student families or just the ones you select. For those of you with complex needs you can use different automatic invoice settings on a family by family basis (i.e. some families could be invoices every 6 weeks while others invoiced monthly).

A few days before your invoices go out, we’ll send you an email that shows you which invoices we’re going to create and what their balances will be. This gives you a chance to review and enter any changes that you may have forgotten to make before the actual invoice is created and sent.

More information is available in the Auto-invoicing FAQ’s.

Here’s the complete list of changes this week:

  • Videos that are uploaded to the Download Library are now streamed to mobile devices (so they’ll playback nicely on iOS).
  • When you upload multiple files to the Download Library with the same name, we now automatically add a number to the end of the name. This allows you to upload multiple images at once from an iPad or iPhone.
  • We updated some of the icons used throughout the site.
  • Inactive students can now be added to groups and emailed from the School Email page. This should help those of you who market your services to former students.
  • Inactive teachers are no longer counted in the Make-Up Credits displayed on the student list page.

We hope you enjoy this weeks updates.

– The My School Books Team

Did you know? You can charge students once per semester, term or year with My School Books. Read the full Faq here.