My School Books Software Update - September 21, 2015

Hi Everyone,

This week we’ve got a huge set of updates that we’re introducing to My School Books.

Here’s what’s new and improved this week:

  • We were hard at work all summer long rebuilding the way teacher websites are created in My School Books. While your current website looks the same on the surface, the backend has been completely revamped. This change allows us to add new website templates that offer a wider variety of layouts.
  • We’ve added six (6) new website templates that offer a bit more variety than the previously available templates: “Goldenrod“, “Mia” and “Ocean” (which share a similar layout to one another) plus “Zerofour“, “Escape Velocity” and “Strongly Typed” (which are all completely different).
  • The “Student Attendance” report can now be created in CSV format in the “Report Center”.
  • If you have “Show Advanced SEO Settings” enabled for your website, you can now override the page “<title>” tags with a new custom page title.
  • On the “Expenses & Other Income” page, future transactions are now hidden. You can view future transactions by clicking the new date picker button in the top right hand corner.
  • We’ve added “Color” setting to “Locations” and an option to color the calendar based on the location color. You can change the color mode of your calendar by clicking the appropriate option at the bottom of the calendar page.
  • We’ve added a new option in the “Study Log” so that the student can select the day of the week that their lesson is on. This allows students to align the hours studied this week calculation with the day of their lesson.
  • We’ve added “Title” fields to the parent information. This allows you to specify proper titles (i.e. Mrs., Mr., Ms., Dr., etc.) and then use those in your email templates. Your emails can now be addressed in a more formal tone (i.e. “Hello Mr. Smith…”).
  • We fixed two small issues with the Login Widget:
    • We fixed an issue that would prevent it from displaying on some sites
    • We fixed an issue that would prevent parents who take lessons from different teachers (with separate My School Books accounts) from switching profiles
  • Emails sent from the “Download Library” to notify students of new files are now logged in the “Email History“.
  • When you add a new file to the “Download Library” the student permissions for that file are now preselected based on your current folder. This saves a few clicks for teachers who use a separate folder in the download library for each student.
  • We’ve changed the way “Past Lesson Notes” are loaded so that lesson notes from different Event Categories are shown (as long as the Teacher is the same).
  • We fixed an issue in the Student Portal that would prevent parents with multiple students from switching the “Attendance & Notes” between students.
  • We fixed an issue with the “Week” calendar that would show the incorrect day name in the heading if you’re in a region where the calendar week begins on Monday.
  • We’ve changed the “Visible Column” heading that use to read “Instrument” to now read “Subject“.

Multi-teacher schools will enjoy the following changes:

  • We’ve added a new teacher “Privilege” setting to disable the ability to view “Student Profile Attachments” (i.e. files uploaded to the student profile).
  • A few weeks ago we changed the way teachers are colored on the calendar. This change caught a few of you off guard, and you let us know. :) To make it up to you, we’ve added the ability to assign colors to teachers in their Teacher Profiles.

We hope you enjoy this weeks updates. Have a great week!

– The My School Books Team

Did you know? You can create and email invoices in bulk? See the full Faq here.