February 1, 2016 Weekly Update - My School Books

Hi Everyone,

Here’s what’s new and improved this week:

  • Empty invoices (invoices with no charges) now display some helpful text indicating that no charges or lessons occurred during the invoice period.
  • We made a few tweaks to the “Calendar” to prevent refreshing the calendar data unnecessarily.
  • We updated the “Invoice” email template so that when the preview is displayed it’s clear which text is simulated as part of the preview.
  • When setting the attendance for a lesson that’s marked “Make-Up Credit Required“, only the “Present, Make-Up” option is visible for present (if the student actually has a make-up credit). This is to help prevent teachers from accidentally NOT using making credits. Make-up credits can still be used at regularly scheduled lessons if your school works that way (no changes were made in that regard).
  • In multi-teacher schools, new teachers who are not admins are now assigned NO special privileges by default.
  • On the “Family Account” details page, there’s a new search feature to make it easier to find specific entries.
  • On the “Expenses and Other Income” page, when the “Search” feature is active, the button now appears “pressed” (so you can easily tell when you’re viewing search results instead of all results).
  • On the “Home Page Agenda“, the “Past Lesson Notes” pop-up now includes the date those notes were logged.
  • In the “Download Library“, if you select the option to notify student(s) of a newly added item, the email will be automatically sent to parents of students with no email address (i.e. children without email).
  • On the “Student Details” page, the “Attendance & Notes” section includes a new “Duration” column.
  • On the “Study Log“, students can no longer add study entries for future dates. Time traveling students will need to log their practice time when they arrive in the future.

We hope you enjoy this week’s updates. Have a great week!

– The My School Books Team

Did you know? You can now group charges (and payments) by student on invoices. When this option is enabled, the charges will be listed for each student (then by date), rather than interspersing all the charges for the family. This option is located in “School Settings” on the “Account & Invoices” tab.