This week we’ve made a number of changes to My School Books, but our favorite is the new stock logos for invoices. If you’re a private teacher/tutor but you don’t have your own logo, we’ve added 10 new invoice logos that you can choose from.

This is a great way to customize your business identity and it’s baked right into My School Books. You can access this by changing the Invoice Logo on your Studio Settings page.

Here’s what’s new in My School Books this week:

  • We’ve adjusted the way invoice/report logos are resized when they’re positioned to the left of the title and address fields. Now your logo will use the height as the limiting factor so that wide logos appear larger.
  • We’ve fixed a small layout issue on the invoices. Now if your address is very long, it will push the text below it down as expected.
  • We’ve added the ability to change the Payroll Balance Date when viewing the teacher list in the multi-teacher version of My School Books.
  • We’ve made it easier to change the Balance Date on the Families & Invoices page (now it takes 2 clicks instead of 4).
  • We’ve added an option to automatically send an Email Receipt from My School Books when a PayPal payment is received. (In the past we relied on the PayPal emails only, but if you’d prefer to also send a receipt from My School Books, this can be enabled in the “Online Payments” tab in your Studio Settings.)
  • We’ve added five new stock background images for your hosted My School Books website.
  • We changed the behavior of the Registration Widget so that it works even if your site has scripting errors on the page. (GoDaddy Site Builder, we’re looking at you…)
  • We fixed a small issue in the Student Group page that would prevent Admins from seeing all the students in some cases.
  • We’ve further improved the Student Import feature by:
    1.       Adding more column names that My School Books will automatically recognize.
    2.       You can now import multi-line columns (like notes and long addresses).
    3.       Imported students can be placed directly on the “Waiting” or “Lead” lists.
  • If you download the student list in Excel format, “Age” is now included as a column.

We hope you enjoy these improvements. Have a great week!

– The My School Books Team