Hi Everyone,

Here’s what’s new this week:

  • We added a new column to the Student page called “Reminders” that shows if email and/or text reminders are enabled for parents and students. It’s now easier to see at-a-glance who’s getting what.
  • We made it easier to turn text/email reminders on and off in bulk from the student page. You can find this new feature under the “Tools > Toggle Reminders”. Remember that reminders must be enabled in your Event Categories to work!
  • We made the Location name in the Home and Calendar pages clickable (if there is an address associated with the location). It should automatically open the appropriate maps app on your device.
  • We updated the search feature on the Student page so that Skype Username, Phone Number and Parent Names are now included in the search.
  • The Last Login column on the Student page now includes the time the student/parent last logged in (so that you can easily tell if they saw your last post or not).
  • When you schedule a recurring event from the calendar, the initial end date now populates automatically. If the recurring event is monthly, the text explaining the monthly options now changes automatically if you change the start date.
  • We fixed an issue with the invoices that could cause some $0 items to appear twice (depending on the student’s settings).

We hope you enjoy this weeks updates. Next Monday is a holiday up here in Canada, so there will be no regularly scheduled system update. See you in 2 weeks!

– The My School Books Team

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