My School Books Weekly Update - Sept 28, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Today we’re introducing a highly requested feature: The ability to automatically send invoices to both parents at once. On the “Family” tab in Student Details, you’ll see a new check box for each parent labelled “Preferred Invoice Recipient“.

  • If you turn that option on for one parent, they become the person that My School Books will send invoice emails to by default (or if you use the automatic invoice feature).
  • If you turn “Preferred Invoice Recipient” option on for both parents, they’ll both get it.
  • If neither parent has this option enabled, the invoice will be sent to the Primary Parent as before.

This change only affects invoices that are sent in bulk (either through the automatic invoice feature, or by selecting multiple invoices from the Families & Invoices page). If you’re sending a single invoice only, you still have the option to select who the recipient will be.

Here’s what else is new and improved this week:

  • We’ve added the ability to download the invoice details from the “Families & Invoices page“. This is a spreadsheet that includes invoice dates, family, invoice number, amount due, etc.
  • We reverted the lesson notes change that we introduced last week and added an option to enable it. This change caused problems for a number of you, so we made the original behavior the default, with an option under “My Preferences” called “Find past lesson notes for events in the same Event Category only“. If you turn this option OFF, you’ll get the new behavior.
  • We fixed an issue that would prevent birthday emails from being sent out to some students.
  • We fixed a handful of layout issues with the new website templates that we introduced last week. (Thanks to everyone who tried these templates out and sent in their feedback!)
  • Students who are on the “Waiting” list no longer incorrectly show that they’ve been sent their student portal login information.
  • We’ve improved the student importer for importing student lists without parent information.
  • We changed the way the calendar works so that if you make updates to past lessons, it doesn’t reset any changes that were made to the lesson price or the student’s fixed monthly charge.
  • We changed the way that addresses are given to Google/iOS maps to improve their reliability.
  • We’ve added a new “Symbols” drop down list to the website/email editor.

For multi-teacher schools:

  • All Attendance & Notes are now visible to all teachers who have access to view/edit student information and other teacher’s schedules.
  • We updated the calendar so that School Events (no teacher) and events with no specific location are shown in white when the calendar is set to the corresponding color mode.

We hope you enjoy this week’s updates. Have a great week!

– The My School Books Team

Did you know? Lesson addresses can be synced with your Google Calendar. View the FAQ here.