Have you created a great looking website with Squarespace but want to add one of My School Books’s Login Widgets or Student Sign Up Widgets? No problem, this can easily be accomplished is 5 simple steps.

Step 1:

Login to your Squarespace account and locate the page you would like the “Login” or “Student Sign-Up” widget to appear on. Hover your mouse over the content area you would like  your “Login” or “Student Sign-Up” widget to appear in and click “Edit“.


Step 2:

Hover your mouse over the area and click on the bubble.


Step 3:

When prompted, choose “Markdown” as the type of content you would like to add.


Step 4:

Copy and paste the widget code snippet (found in the “Website” section of My School Books) into the “Markdown” field and click “Apply”.


Step 5:

Click “Save“. You are now able to preview the embedded widget.