If you’d prefer to let your students choose their own lesson times, My School Books can save you a lot of time by allowing your students to login to the Student Portal to schedule their own lessons.

The first step is to setup “Open Lesson Slots” on your calendar. My School Books doesn’t allow the students to select arbitrary lesson times because this can lead to schedule fragmentation. (That’s where you get lots of awkward gaps between students that are too short to fill with other students.) It’s up to you to create defined lesson times that your students can fill.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Log into My School Books.
  2. Navigate to the “Calendar” from the main menu.
  3. Click the “New” button and select “New Default Lesson” from the drop down menu.
  4. From the popup that appears, select “Open Lesson Slot” from the “Student” drop-down list (it’s located at the very top of this list).
  5. Set the “Visibility” to “Public“. (This will allow your students to see this lesson slot in the Student Portal.)
  6. If this lesson slot “Repeats” each week choose the appropriate recurring settings.
  7. Click “Save” to create this lesson slot.

Repeat this process for all the lesson times you’d like to be available. My School Books will automatically use your (teacher) default lesson length for these slots. If you need to create some 30-minute slots, some 45 and some 60 minute slots, you can edit the “Open Lesson Slot” event from the calendar, and manually change the “Duration” (click directly on a lesson and choose “edit”).

Once you’re satisfied with the availability of lesson times, you can give you students access to the “Student Portal”. This will allow your students to login and select their preferred lesson times. Lesson slots that repeat will automatically prompt the student to join one, several or all the recurring lesson times.

Click here for instructions on how to send your students their login information.