If you bill your students by semester, term or year, first decide if you’ll be collecting regular monthly  payments from your students or not.

If your students will pay you in monthly installments, you’ll setup  your students with the “Student Pays the Same Amount Each Month” option. My School books will automatically create the monthly fees for you when you schedule lessons. You can create a single invoice for the entire year or term if you’d like, which will show the itemized monthly charges. By setting up My School Books this way, you can track the monthly payments from families on the “Families & Invoices” page.

If you collect one payment at the beginning of the semester, term or year, and don’t want to use a flat monthly rate, then you may wish to disable My School books feature for creating lesson/monthly charges. When you setup your students, set their default billing type of “Don’t Create Any Charges Automatically”. This will prevent My School Books from automatically creating fees for your students.

You can manually add the term/yearly fee to each family’s account from the “Families & Invoices” page. You’ll still be able to track if a family has paid you or not, but if the individual charges will not be broken down by month/lesson this way.