My School Books can handle a wide range of scheduling needs, including daily, weekly and monthly lessons. If you’re teaching a recurring lesson that happens more than once a week, My School Books can handle that too.

  1. Log into your My School Books account and select the “Calendar” page
  2. Click “New > New Default Lesson” from the new lesson drop down. (If you’re scheduling a different type of event, use “New Event“. the same steps apply.)
  3. Enter in the necessary information for this lessons, then turn on “This Lesson Repeats
  4. Set “Frequency” to “Daily“, and then use the checkboxes to select the day of the week the lessons happen (such as Monday and Wednesday)
  5. Choose an end date in the “Repeat Until” field
  6. Click OK to save the lesson

Now the lesson will repeat each week on the days you’ve selected. If you’re scheduling semi-weekly lessons that happen at different times (say Monday’s at 3PM and Wednesday at 7PM), then you should schedule two separate weekly recurring events. One for Monday’s lessons, and one for Wednesday’s.