Credit card payments in My School Books are available through PayPal Pro & Stripe. A PayPal Pro account is different from a regular PayPal personal or business account because you can accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards (currently available for U.S. & Canadian user only). Usually PayPal Pro costs $30/mo, but this fee is waived for all My School Books members (does not apply to trial accounts).

Details on how to upgrade to PayPal Pro are available inside your My School Books account (School Settings > Online Payments). Once your account is upgraded, parents and students will have the option to pay with a credit card directly and retain their card information on file for faster, easier payments in the future.

To get started:

1. Log into your My School Books account.
2. Click on “School Settings” in the top right hand corner of your screen (where your name appears).
3. Click on the “Online Payments” tab and select “PayPal Pro“.
4. Enter in all required information: PayPal API Username, API Password, API Signature, Currency, PayPal Fee Category, whether or not you would like to automatically send an email receipt when an online payment is received and select a Convenience Fee if you choose. Click “Save“. Your PayPal Pro account is now setup and you are ready to start accepting credit cards online.

Note: Your PayPal API Username, API Password and API Signature can be found by using the “PayPal API Lookup Tool” tool provided (please note the API lookup tool will open in a new browser window).

When a student/parent clicks the “Make Payment” button (or uses the “Pay Online” link in an invoice), they’ll be taken to a new payment page first that displays your invoice logo and a few other details about their payment before they’re taken to PayPal. This allows the entire payment process to be completed without leaving your branded payment pages.