Here’s a summary of the different auto-invoice settings:

  • Billing Start Date – This is the date of your next billing cycle as a teacher. If you bill by calendar month, set this to the first of the next month. If you bill by the school term, you’d select the first day of the next school term. My School Books automatically assumes that your current billing cycle ends when the next billing cycle begins.
  • Mode – This setting tells My School Books if you bill for upcoming lessons (i.e. the month ahead) or lessons that have past (i.e. the month behind).
  • Frequency – This is how often you’d like to automatically generate invoices. This will determine the length of your billing cycle. Most schools will create invoices every 1 month.
  • Invoice Date – This is the number of days BEFORE the billing cycle that you’d like to create and send invoices. If this field is disabled, the invoice date will automatically be the first date of the billing cycle. For example, if your next billing start date is Sept 1st, and you set the Invoice Date to “7”, your invoices will be generated on August 25th (7 days before Sept 1st).
  • Due Date – This is the number of days AFTER the Invoice Date that payment is due. If you normally give parents a week to pay, enter “7” here (if you give 2 weeks, enter 14).
  • Include Previous Balance & Payments – This  option indicates that the family’s previous balance and payments should carry forward onto this invoice.
  • $0.00 Invoices – If this option is enabled, even invoices for $0 will be generated. If this option is disabled, families that owe $0 will not have an invoice created.
  • Auto-Email – If this option is enabled, the invoices will be emailed out by My School Books after they’re created.