My School Books allows you to override a teacher’s payroll setting on a category by category basis. Below is an explanation of what each override option means and how to set them up.

  • Basic Increase – Adds a fixed amount to a teacher’s payroll entry for this event. This is useful if you add a flat travel fee for in-home lessons (e.g. $5)
  • Per Student – This allows you to calculate teacher’s pay based on the number of attendees (e.g. $5/student for group lessons)
  • Per Hour – This overrides the teacher’s payroll settings with a new hourly rate (e.g. $30/hr).
  • Percentage of Revenue – This overrides the teacher’s settings with a percentage of the school revenue from that event (e.g. 75% of school revenue).

Teacher payroll overrides can be configured by editing or creating “Event Categories“.

To edit or create a new Event Category:

1. Log into your My School Books account.
2. Click on “Calendar” from the main menu on the left.
3. Click on the blue “Event Setup” button.
4. Click on the green “+ Add Event Category” button to create a new Category. Click on the “Edit” (blue pencil icon) button to edit a Category.
5. Click the green “Save” button.

Note: These features are only available in a multi-teacher school.