If you’re My School Books calendar isn’t syncing with your device, here’s the most common reasons (and solutions):

  1. If you’re syncing with Google Calendar, it may take up to 4 hours for Google to refresh your calendar. (iOS devices do not have this limitation.) When you first connect your My School Books calendar with Google the events will appear in your Google calendar right away. After that, changes you make in My School Books may take a few hours to propagate.
  2. If your calendar events are syncing, but are showing up in your calendar at the wrong times (off by a few hours), you many need to change your time zone settings in My School Books.
  3. In My School Books, at the very bottom of the Calendar page you can see the time your calendar was last synced. Check to make sure that this time has been updated in the last few hours. If not, it means that your calendar feed is not being read by your device. If you’ve recently changed your My School Books password, you’ll need to setup the calendar sync again. (For security reasons, your calendar feed URL changes when you change your password.)
  4. If you run a multi-teacher school, by default only YOUR events appear in your calendar feed. If you’d like to see events from all teachers enable this option in “My Preferences > Calendar”.

If none of these apply to your situation, please contact support directly by email or telephone, and we’d be happy to assist you.