Non Teaching Events

Hi Everyone,

This we’ve added a new “shortcut” to the calendar making it easy to add “Non-Teaching” events. You can use this feature for any non-student related events that you may wish to add to your calendar such as doctor’s appointments or anything else you may need to schedule.

Other changes and improvements this week:

  • On the calendar event popup, the event time (and price) are now correctly localized.
  • Fixed a bug in the Website “Gallery” page that would cause the image list to temporarily disappear when adding more images to a gallery.
  • We updated the student “sign-up” widget to block duplicate new student sign-ups. (Some families were confusing this with the login page and repeatedly joining a school…over and over and over…)
  • We updated the “Account & Invoice” Settings page to make it easier to use the invoice number placeholders. No more “copy and paste”; now it’s all “point and click”.
  • We updated the “Account Summary” page so that if you add a transaction in the future, the Balance Date automatically moves ahead to that date so you can see the transaction that was just added.
  • We fixed a word-wrapping issue in the calendar event pop-ups, so no long URLs (or other text) won’t break out of the pop-up.
  • We renamed “Library” to “Library & Downloads” on the main menu for greater clarity. This change affects both the teacher and student portal.
  • Last week we added a private note field to the Lending Library that was simply called “Note“. That has now been renamed to “Private Note” and we’ve added a “Public Note” that’s visible in the student portal.
  • We added a “Link” button to the email composer window so you can include hyperlinks in the emails you send to your school.

We hope you enjoy this weeks changes and improvements! Have a great week everyone.

– The My School Books Team

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