February 22, 2016 Weekly Update - My School Books

Hi Everyone,

Here’s what’s new and improved this week:

  • If you try to send an SMS reminder that’s too long, the error message that you see in the “Notification” page now helpfully tells you that it was too long. (The limit, by the way, is 250 characters.)
  • We adjusted the way the pop-up menus work on the calendar. Now if an event pop-over is showing, clicking elsewhere on the calendar will hide that pop-over. A second click will open the context menu. Confused? Don’t be. This change just makes it feel more natural.
  • We added “Payment Type” (i.e. cash, check, etc.) to the list of placeholders in the “Payment Received” email template.
  • Any event can now have the “Make-up Required” option set. This makes it possible to setup a private lesson as a make-up so that it doesn’t appear on your future invoices.
  • On the calendar if an event has “Make-Up Required” turned on, the little “recycling” logo will appear as a visual cue that this event requires a make-up credit. This change affects both the teacher and student portals.
  • When a new make-up lesson is automatically created on the calendar (from a cancelled attendee), the event description is no longer copied. This prevents private information that may have been left for that individual student from becoming public information.
  • The “Billable Hours” report has been updated so that students who pay a flat monthly rate are included in the “School Revenue” calculation.

For Multi-teacher schools:

  • On the “Teacher Details” page, the password fields now indicate if a password has already been assigned to the teacher.
  • Non-admin teachers can now see “Waiting” and “Lead” students who are assigned to them.

We hope you enjoy this week’s updates. Have a great week!

– The My School Books Team

Did you know? Parents can add their credit card details to their account at any time via the “Student Portal” as long as your school has online payments (Stripe or PayPal Pro) enabled. See the full FAQ article here.