Take a look at this week’s great new features and changes:

  • My School Books requires cookies to work. If your browser has cookies disabled, My School Books will now let you know!
  • If you change your website’s domain name in My School Books, we’ll automatically redirect visitors from your old domain name to the new one.
  • The drop down list for selecting your My School Books hosted website’s theme (and background image), now has a little preview thumbnail to make choosing these a little easier.
  • The invoice drop down list of the family details page now includes a “Add Payment” button (just like on the main “Families & Invoices” page).
  • We updated all the website templates so that the background image will no longer “flicker” when your site loads. (This only affected some websites.)
  • The “Income and Expense” report has been updated so that you can now group by “Payment Type“. This option is only available when the report is run in “Cash” mode.


Multi-teacher schools:

  • On the student details page, non-admin teachers now only see the number of make-up credits associated with them (instead of all teachers assigned to that student).
  • The “Teacher Details” page no longer warns about unsaved changes if there are in fact no unsaved changes.
  • When you delete an event from the calendar, My School Books can now send the teacher an email (in addition to the students and parents).


Did you know?  Image galleries now have an option to display the image captions inline (on the gallery page itself), rather than just on the image popups that appear when an image is clicked.

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at