October 5, 2015 Weekly Update - My School Books

Hello Everyone,

Here’s what’s new and improved this week:

  • We updated the “Attendance” pop-up so that the “Print” button (for printing lesson notes) is now located in the pop-up footer. This saves some vertical screen space and looks a bit tidier.
  • The “Attendance” pop-up will now appear larger on desktops and tablets so you have more space to enter lesson notes.
  • Now all students “Birthdays” show on the calendar for Admin teachers.
  • Corrected an issue with the auto-invoicing feature which could cause the wrong currency symbol to be displayed in the invoice email (the actual invoices were unaffected).
  • The “Blocked Dates” icon now shows on the calendar even if the background color is white.
  • We added a new shortcut to the “webpage editor” to make it easier to embed videos that you’ve uploaded to your “Media Gallery“. Now the video file name can be selected from a drop-down list just like for images.
  • We updated a number of the website templates to correct various layout issues.
  • We updated the “SMS Template Editor” so that you can see how many characters your text message is.
  • We’ve updated the parent/student payment process to eliminate the chance of duplicate payments.

We hope you enjoy this week’s updates. Have a great week!

– The My School Books Team

Did you know? You can track separate types of income in My School Books? (i.e. for books or materials that you resell to students). View the FAQ here.