Hello Everyone,

This week we’re excited to announce the added ability to create and organize your Download Library items into folders. This should make finding and navigating the items in your Download Library a little bit easier for your students and yourself. Folder access is automatically determined by the files within that folder. That means if a student isn’t able to access any of the files contained within a folder, they won’t be able to see that folder either.

Other Changes & Improvements This Week:

  • We’ve optimized the “Sign-Up” widget so that it loads faster. This change affects schools using a website NOT hosted by My School Books.
  • We’ve changed the “Birthday” picker on the “Sign-Up” widget so that it’s easier to use (and it’s now localized).
  • We’ve added a “Skype Username” field to the “Student Details“, and we’ve added this as an optional field in the student “Sign-Up” page (and Sign-Up widget).
  • We’ve improved the layout of the invoices to provide a bit more spacing between line items. This change makes long invoices easier to read.
  • Expanded” invoice format now shows canceled lessons (absent, non-billable). Billable absences are still included as usual.
  • Now when you print a page from a My School Books hosted website, the background image is automatically hidden from the printed page.

We hope you enjoy this weeks updates! Have a great week.

– The My School Books Team

Did you know? In addition to creating invoices for lessons and other calendar based events, you can use My School Books to bill your students for books and other materials provided by your school. Read the full FAQ.