Here’s a list of this week’s changes:

  • Recurring charges and discounts are now available. This feature is perfect if you’re charging a manual fee for a monthly supplies rental, or providing a recurring sibling discount.
  • We adjusted the layout of the “Expense/Other Income” popup, placing the recurring entry settings just below the date for consistency.
  • When adding links from the webpage editor, clicking the “magnifying glass” icon now includes a list of existing pages on your site and PDFs and other documents uploaded to your Media Library.
  • There’s a new option in School Settings to remove the “(Not Specified)” location from the drop-down list when scheduling an event. This is useful for multi-teacher schools who wish to force teachers to select a room when scheduling to avoid conflicts.
  • All email that is sent through My School Books now uses outbound encryption automatically if the receiving mail server supports it (i.e. Gmail).
  • We’ve made a few tweaks to the calendar to reduce the page load times. Now events on your calendar should appear faster (the busier your schedule, the more noticeable the improvement).
  • We fixed an issue with the webpage editor’s image browser that would prevent preview images from loading if your site was hosted with us but uses a custom domain name.
  • We have made the lesson notes feature faster on the homepage agenda for older mobile devices.


Did you know?  We’ve added the ability to insert links, text color, and tables in lesson notes.

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at