Hello Everyone,

This week’s list of improvements and additions is small but mighty.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s new this week:

  • Student Portal: “Show Upcoming Items” has now been replaced by the new balance date picker. This change mirrors the same change that was made in the Teacher Portal two weeks ago.
  • Make-Up Lessons that were taught will now show as a “free” line item when using the “Expanded” invoice format.
  • Teachers now have the ability to safely use angle brackets (<>) in their lesson notes.
  • Locations: You now have the option to include an icon when using the “Locations” feature. When selected, the location icon will appear in your calendar. There are 9 icons in total to choose from.
  • We have implemented and improved on numerous internal changes to help My School Books run even smoother.

We hope you enjoy these improvements. Have a great week!

– The My School Books Team