Hi Everyone! We’ve added quite a few features to keep you better informed.

  • You can now add “Sticky” posts to your blog and/or school news. Sticky posts always display at the top of the page so that your students can’t miss it.
  • We’ve changed the order of the fields on the sign-up widget to make it clearer to parents registering children which email address goes where (and to make it clearer that a student email address is optional).
  • If you have “Display Price on Calendar” turned on you’ll now see the event price per student displayed in the calendar popup (even if no students are registered yet).
  • We made a few minor internal tweaks to make switching website themes more seamless.
  • The “Lessons Left This Week” is now consistent with the calendar week. If you’re located in North America, you’ll see lessons from Sunday – Saturday. If you’re located in the UK, you’ll see Monday – Sunday. This is automatically determined by your school’s “Region” setting.
  • If you’re not using the Payment Types option in My School Books, payments will no longer show “(Not Specified)” as the payment type.
  • We’ve updated some of the text in the user interface so that “Income” and “Revenue” are now used in the correct context.
  • For multi-teacher schools, we’ve fixed the “Add Event” shortcut on the calendar when the calendar is displayed in “Location” mode.
  • The year and month is now displayed at the top of the printed calendar.

Did you know? When you add a new student, you can turn on auto-invoicing right away if your school uses that feature.

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at