October 19, 2015 Weekly Update - My School Books

Hi Everyone,

This week we’ve got a nice hefty list of changes, improvements, and additions to My School Books. We’re also excited to announce we’ve added the ability to upload Student and Teacher profile pictures to My School Books. You can add these from the “Student Details” page, the “My Preferences” page, and the “Teacher Details” page (in multi-teacher studios).

Upload Student & Teacher Profile Pictures - My School Books

Upload Student & Teacher Profile Pictures - My School Books

Here’s what else is new and improved this week:

  • We’ve redesigned the “Family” tab on the “Student Details” page so that it’s cleaner and easy to navigate. With the new options we’ve been adding lately, the layout of that page was becoming cluttered.
  • We’ve updated all the date pickers so they use your local date format instead of “yyyy-mm-dd”. This makes the date format used throughout My School Books consistent in every place.
  • We updated the calendar so that it won’t scroll back to the top after you take attendance or delete an event (if you have a long calendar and you’ve scrolled down the page).
  • We fixed the date formatting on the calendar “Week” view so that it matches your local date formatting (and the “Week” printed report is fixed too).
  • The “Income Forecast” and charts on the “Income and Expense” page now correctly include refunds.
  • The “Paid” status on invoices now changes automatically (without a refresh) if you add a payment from a family’s Account Summary page.
  • If you post-date a payment (i.e. enter a payment today, but date it for tomorrow), that payment will now be counted towards the “Paid” status of invoices.
  • The “Families & Invoices” page now includes the student’s full names (not just their first names).
  • We fixed a type-o in the “Study Log” email that it sent to teachers.
  • We adjusted the text on the pop-up that appears when you change a student’s default price for clarity.

We hope you enjoy this week’s updates. Have a great week!

– The My School Books Team

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