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Only A$16.95/month for a single tutor.
Multi-tutor business? No problem! Each additional tutor is only an extra A$3.95/month.

Unlimited Students & Lessons

Never worry about increasing monthly costs as your student list and schedule grows. It’s always A$16.95/month for a single tutor business.

Works On All Devices

Manage your school on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. My School Books is fully featured across all devices.

Free Support

We offer an extensive Frequently Asked Questions section, as well as email and phone support for all tutor members, trial users included.



Organizing your wild schedule is simple and painless using our robust calendar. Go ahead, try it.


Automatically use your student and schedule information to generate invoices. Think about all the time you will save!

Online Payments

Getting paid has never been easier with automatic payments. You will never have to worry about missed payments again!

Website & Email

Every tutoring business, big or small, needs to have a web presence these days. Build your website with My School Books!

And Much More!

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I just want to say how much I love My School Books! It really has revolutionized my tutoring Centre. My School Books is easy to use and the support, both when setting up initially, and on-going, is outstanding.

– Rebecca Whyte-Fochek

I have tried other tutor management systems, but My School Books is by far the best. It is simple, easy to set up and manage, it is user-friendly and does everything I need for running my tutoring company. I highly recommend it to individual, private tutors or tutoring companies.

– Maureen Taylor, Tailored Tuition

My schoolbooks has really made my life so much easier and is helping to transform my business. I really appreciate the prompt responses to my (many) help requests.

– Nicki , High Flyers Premier Private Tuition Service

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