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Hello Everyone,

This week’s updates consist of a few changes to non-admin teacher privilege options for multi-teacher schools as well as a handful of other useful changes to My School Books.

Here’s what’s new and improved this week:

  • If you’re using a custom domain name with My School Books, you can now supply your own ReCaptcha API keys. You only need this if you’re using a custom domain name with your My School Books account and you’re getting a lot of junk/spam submissions.
  • When you move files around in the “Download Library“, the destination files can now be optionally overwritten.
  • We fixed the Student List page so that teacher names and lesson prices won’t wrap. This makes it easier to view these items row by row in multi-teacher schools.
  • We’ve added a new button to the “Invoices” tab that allows you to enter a payment directly from there. The button works exactly the same as if you were to click the “Add Payment” button, but it will automatically select the family (and pre-fill the payment amount to match the invoice) for convenience.
  • We updated the “Logout” icon on both the teacher and student portals.

The following changes affect multi-teacher schools only:

  • Event Categories can no longer be edited by teachers who aren’t able to manage the schedules of other teachers (calendar admin).
  • Non-admin teachers can no longer edit student contact information.
  • There’s a new option to allow you to hide the student address/phone number in the teacher portal from non-admin teachers.
  • Non-admin teachers can no longer change their default lesson price.

We hope you find this week’s update, fixes and improvements useful.

– The My School Books Team

Did you know? You can view post dated charges to a family account. Read the full FAQ here.