Here’s the list for this week:

  • Added an “Invoice Balance” placeholder (%InvoiceAmount%) to the invoice and invoice reminder email templates. The “Invoice Balance” displays the invoice amount less any payments received since the invoice date. The original invoice will still be attached to the email.
  • When adding a new lesson from the Day/Week calendar views, the time picker is automatically set to the time slot that was clicked on the calendar.
  • You can now set the default “Account Balance” date to a specific date. This is useful for schools that invoice a term at a time, so the balance date can be set to the end of term date (rather than be restricted to a monthly date).
  • We fixed an issue with the lesson notes email template that could cause the formatting to appear incorrect in some circumstances.
  • If your teach lessons remotely, families can now have a different timezone than the school. This feature can be enabled from the “School Settings” page under “Student Portal“. When enabled, the calendar (including the synced calendar), lesson notes, email history, lesson reminders, etc. will be sent to the student with the time in their local timezone.
  • We’ve improved the student import feature for multi-teacher schools. You can now set the default lesson price for newly imported students directly from the import page.

Did you know?  We’ve added a new column to the Student Details page called “Make-Up Credits (Available)“. The original column, “Make-Up Credits“, displays the total number of unused make-up credits that are outstanding. The “Available” column displays the number of unscheduled make-up credits that are available.

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