If you use make-up credits in your school, you’ll appreciate our new warning message! We added a pop-up message to help prevent teachers from mistakenly deleting events that had make-up credits associated with them. Remember: A student is billed when a make-up credit is issued, so if you remove that event from the Calendar, both the billing and the credit are removed. For the sake of transparency with your customers, and to ensure that you don’t ever teach for free, leave the “Absent, Give Make-Up Credit” events on your Calendar!

S’more cool new stuff:

  • You can now drag-and-drop MP4 video files into the website editor.
  • Membership fee receipts now include your studio name at the top.

Fixing those pesky little bugs:

  • For some schools, the phrase “Not Specified” was appearing in the Description column when you added an entry to Expenses & Other Revenue, this has been resolved.
  • We’ve made some changes to help speed up logging in and syncing the Calendar.


Did you know? Download Library permissions can be changed in bulk!

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