Yes, to change your My School Books login password:

1. Log into your My School Books account.
2. Click on “Settings” in the top right corner and select “My Preferences” from the drop down menu.
3. Click on the “Personal” tab.
4. Type the new password you would like to use in the “Password” text box provided and then retype your new password in the “Confirm Password” text box provided (these must match).
5. Click “Save“.

If you have lost or forgotten your My School Books login password you can have a temporary one emailed to you. To do so visit: and click on the “Forgot your password” link at the very bottom of the page. Enter in the email address you would normally use to access your My School Books account and a temporary login password will be emailed to you. If you would prefer to change the temporary password provided by My School Books you can do so by following the instruction above.