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Create a free mobile friendly tutoring website and blog with My School Books.

Every tutoring business needs a website these days, and My School Books makes it easy to get one. Choose a template, paste in your text and drag ‘n drop your pages however you want – My School Books will do the rest!

Sites built using My School Books are automatically mobile friendly, so they look great on a PC, tablet or phone! You can also upload files – lesson materials, pictures, slide shows and movies. My School Books is the easiest way to create a great looking website for your business without having to be a tech wiz!

Image Galleries and Forms are Easy Too!

Creating image galleries in My School Books is a snap. Just upload your images to the media library, then create a gallery page. There’s no limit to the number of images you include, or how many galleries you create.

My School Books also lets you create customized forms on your site. You can create new student sign-up forms, contact forms, student surveys and more. There’s no limit to what you can do!

Website Blog

Adding a blog to your My School Books website is a fast and easy way to add dynamic content (news, announcements, special events, etc.) that doesn’t necessarily need its own individual page. Posts that are created and sent to your blog can also be sent to the Student Portal and Teacher Portal (in a multi-tutor school) to be sure no one misses any important announcements or news. Your blog provides a number of benefits:

  • Social sharing links to help spread the word on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more
  • Categories that make locating related blog entries easier for your readers
  • Automatic archiving for older posts

Parents and Students Can Login

My School Books also features a fully functional parent/student portal. Providing login access to your students is a great way to share information with your student families, save time, and add value to your services as a tutor.

The student portal provides your families with:

  • Student’s calendar with upcoming lessons and events
  • Student’s assignments
  • Student’s study log
  • Family’s account and invoice information (only visible to parents/adult students)
  • Access to your download library and a list of loaned items

Students can also join and cancel lessons based on your studio cancellation policy. Using the student portal is completely optional, but highly recommended. It’s one of My School Books most popular features.

Completely Optional

Using the website that comes with your My School Books membership is completely optional. If you already have your own website hosted somewhere else, you can keep using it and still take advantage of all the other features and benefits that My School Books has to offer. You can also use the student portal by adding the My School Books login widget to your existing site.

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