Hi Everyone! This week we’ve made some improvements to make certain features easier to find and more accessible for use. Take a look at this week’s changes:

  • We’ve reorganized the placement of the “Balance Date” button of the Families & Invoices page, and the “Search” button. The “Search” button is now universally located on the right hand side of the page. Any page that has search capabilities will have the button on the right. The “Balance Date” button has been relocated to the main set of buttons (closer to the center of the page) to make it easier to find.
  • On the various grids on the site we fixed the up/down caret so that it won’t awkwardly wrap on a line of it’s own if you have a lot of columns displayed.
  • We fixed a minor layout issue with the Lessons Taught report that would cause the student names to overlap with the school logo.
  • The student/family details page now displays the student and parent’s last login times specifically (so you can see who last logged in and when).
  • The sign-up form/widget no longer resets the parent’s password if a parent is signing up multiple children and you have “Auto-Active” enabled.
  • We’ve implemented a work-around for a bug in iOS10 that would prevent items from the Download Library from playing directly in the Safari browser.
  • On the Families & Invoices page, the “Auto-Invoice” and “Auto-Pay” columns are now sortable.
  • You can now filter the calendar by “Unspecified Location” if your school is using the “Locations” feature.
  • We made a number of internal optimizations to reduce overall page size (faster pages & less data usage) and improve page render times on our servers.


Did you know? The Lessons Taught Report has been modified to include all the various attendance statuses.

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at