My School Books Software Update - January 11, 2016

Hello Everyone,

Here’s what’s new and improved in My School Books this week:

  • We’ve added a “Teacher Phone Number” and “School Phone Number” placeholder to the Event Reminder email template. This allows you to provide a contact phone number if the student should phone the school (or teacher directly for multi-teacher schools).
  • You can now set a Location when adding a “Non-Teaching Event” directly from the calendar.
  • If you have custom fields on the student sign-up form, the form fields are now emailed to you in the same order they appear on the form. Additionally, a blank line is inserted in between each custom field in the “Notes” section of the student details page for readability.
  • From the Calendar, if you delete a recurring event and select “Future Events“, all those events will now be deleted, even if the attendance was already taken. (Prior to this change, events which had the attendance taken were skipped which caused a bit of confusion.)
  • In the multi-teacher calendar, filtering by teacher now removes those teachers from the “Day” and “Timeline” views (just like in the old v1 calendar).
  • The “Payment Received” email now correctly uses your region settings when an online payment is made (currency symbol and date formats are now consistent with your school settings).
  • We updated the date picker so that it no longer jumps to 1900 if you click on the wrong area, and it also now displays correctly on iPhone/Android phones.
  • We fixed a rare condition that could cause no payroll entries to be created for students who pay a flat monthly rate and have no default category assigned.
  • If you rename a file in the “Download Library” the file extension is now always preserved (so you can’t accidentally rename a file to something that a student can’t open).
  • We fixed an obscure problem that affected various pages on the site which would cause the page to stop responding until you refreshed it.
  • When editing an event, you should be returned to the same day/month on the calendar when you save your changes.
  • In multi-teacher schools, if you drag a calendar event onto a teacher who isn’t assigned to the student attendee, the error message you receive is now actually helpful.
  • Printing the calendar by month now works again as expected.

We hope you enjoy this week’s updates. Have a great week!

– The My School Books Team

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