Here’s what’s new this week:

  • Added 5 new stock invoice logos
  • If you change the date on the Home Page Agenda, it’s now sticky. So if you leave the page to edit a student’s details, when you return to your agenda, you still see the same view. The date text will appear red if you’re looking at a daily agenda for a date that isn’t today.
  • Added the family name to the family account “Details” page along with an indicator to show if Auto-Pay is enabled for that family. The indicator is only visible if your school is setup for online payments with PayPal Pro or Stripe.
  • Fixed an issue with the Lending Library that could prevent admins from loaning items to certain students.
  • We updated the “New Event” page to make the conflict error message easier to spot.
  •  When adding a credit card to a family account, the Address, City and Zip/Postal Code fields are now required.
  •  If you try to print a blank calendar report, a helpful error message is now displayed (instead of nothing).
  • Subjects separated by a semicolon in the  teacher’s “User Details” (ex. Math; Chemistry) will now show up as a separate selection in the “Subject” drop-down menu in the student “Sign-Up” form/widget.

    Did you know?  The attendance popup now indicates when the maximum number of make-up credits for a student has been reached as per your school policy. As the teacher you can still override this limit (since there are exceptions to every rule), but you get a nice clear indicator when this is happening.

    Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at