Hi Everyone! We have a variety of updates for you this week. The most notable improvements have been made to taking attendance for groups. Take a look at the full list of changes:

  • We’ve improved attendance taking for group lessons:
    • You can now use the “Prev” button to go back to the preceding attendance status. So if you make a mistake, you don’t need to cycle through each individual student in order, you can simply back-up in order to make the correction(s).
    • There’s now an option to copy the attendance status and notes over to the next student. If you turn that option on, you can quickly take group attendance by clicking “Save & Next” for each student. This still provides the flexibility to override notes for an individual and/or change the attendance status if someone is away.
  • We updated the Month calendar view so that it always displays 6 weeks (instead of 4, 5 or 6). That way, you can always see the the dates leading up to (and following) the current month.
  • When you send an email payment receipt, the parent that is selected as the “Preferred Invoice Recipient” is now listed first in the drop-down list.
  • Group lesson notes are now automatically hidden on the calendar pop-ups. These notes were generally too large to display properly in the calendar pop-up. This option can be re-enabled from the “Options > Calendar Preferences” popup.
  • We’ve added a “Last Paid” column to the Families & Invoices page so that you can more easily identify which families are overdue.
  • We’ve updated the HTML editor so that relative URLs are automatically handled correctly (linking to files in your Media Library).
  • When creating invoices, there’s now an option to select families by student group. (Keep in mind, that a family may be in more than one group, particularly if they have multiple students. So if you use this feature, take care as to not invoice some families more than once.)
  • The “Email Agenda” option has been relocated from the “Calendar > Sync Settings” popup to your “My Preferences” page.
  • The calendar now has Previous/Next buttons at the bottom (as well as at the top) to make it easy to navigate if you have a large/busy schedule.
  • On the Families & Invoices page, the “Auto-Pay” column no longer shows a family as having auto-pay enabled if their bank account is not yet verified (since it can’t be used for auto-pay until it’s verified). Similarly, on the Student list page, the “Card on File” column won’t show the card symbol if the bank account is unverified.

For multi-teacher schools:

  • We moved the teacher’s Payroll Settings onto the actual Payroll tab in the Teacher Details page.


***Due to the holidays, our next scheduled update will be the second week of January 2017.***


Did you know? ACH (bank transfers) are now available to everyone located in the USA using Stripe as their payment processor.

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