My School Books Software Update - September 21, 2015

Hello everyone! Here’s what’s new this week:

  • The “Posts” page has been renamed “News & Blog Posts” to more accurately reflect what that page is used for.
  • When lessons are automatically converted to an open make-up slot (by your school policy), any specific “per-student” fee is no longer copied to that make-up slot.
  • If you’re using a My School Books hosted website, you can now publish content to the “sidebar” below the student login widget. This is a great place to add badges, recommended links and other content that you wish to share.
  • We fixed an issue with the email templates that could cause them to stop working if your email template included JavaScript tags.
  • When creating new invoices, if you have “Include Previous Balance & Payments” turned off you can now filter the invoice so that it only includes charges from a specific category. This makes it possible to invoice for books or specific types of lessons after you’ve already created an initial invoice for the month/term.
  • We cleaned up the icon sizing on the “News & Blog Posts” page so that it looks more consistent.
  • The calendar’s scheduling conflict detection feature now ignores private lessons with absent students.

For multi-teacher schools:

  • There’s a new option under “Teachers & Administrators” to indicate if a user is a teacher or not. This is helpful if you have a front-desk user who shouldn’t appear in the list of teachers in My School Books. When the “Teacher” option is turned off, that user can’t have students assigned, be booked for lesson and their name will not appear in the Sign-Up Widget’s list of preferred teachers.
  • When students book a lesson and/or make-up through the student portal, the email that is sent to the teacher (or school admin) now includes the teacher name. This helps clarify what lesson was just booked.
  • On the student details page, the email history is now selective. If an “Invoice” email was sent, it can no longer be seen by teachers who do not have access to the Accounts & Invoices page.
  • In the Student Portal, the “Make-Up Credit Required” popup now more clearly states that the make-up credits must be owed to the student by the same teacher who is teaching the make-up lesson.

Did you know? There’s a new “Teacher Title” field available in your “My Preferences” page so that you can store your proper title (i.e. “Mr.”, “Mrs.”, “Dr.”, etc.) . If you populate this field you can use your title in the email templates.

Please note: If you require technical assistance please contact our support team at