Hi Everyone,

This week there’s no software update because last week we were busy executing a carefully planned move of My School Books. We almost managed to pull it off with zero downtime, but as some of you noticed we were offline for about 15 minutes on Thursday afternoon.

We’ve replaced the entire underlying infrastructure that runs My School Books and moved everything to a better facility. That means, faster servers, better Internet connections, greater redundancy in case of hardware failure, and lots of space for more tutors (so tell your friends!).

There is a minor issue affecting some tutors who are sending email to “” email addresses. We’re working on the problem and expect to have it resolved very soon.

Okay, so maybe there’s a small software update this week too:

  • If you’re taking notes on an iPad or iPhone, Emojis can now be saved. Please note that Emojis may not be visible on all devices. That means if you leave a note to your student that includes Emojis, that student might not be able to see them if their device doesn’t support it.
  • The preview of the Student Login Email now displays the HTML formatting correctly.
  • We fixed the Study Log comments so that line-breaks now display in the summary.
  • We fixed a type-o in the default Download Library email template.
  • We fixed a problem that could prevent cancelled event emails from being sent to adult students.

Sorry to those of you who noticed our brief outage!

Have a great week.

– The My School Books Team

Did you know? You can setup “Blocked Dates” on the calendar for things like vacation time, school closures, etc. This feature allows you to mark off days that you don’t want recurring lessons to be scheduled on. Read the full FAQ here.